I was at the grocery store the other day,  and as I was looking at the eggs, determining what was an affordable price point, a gentleman looked at me and said, "Won't be able to buy eggs pretty soon!"  I'm pretty sure he was aggravated at the skyrocketing price of eggs.

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Are people finding alternatives to high egg prices? There actually might be an answer if prices continue to rise.

Have you ever purchased Egg Beaters?  I'm not sure why I don't buy them more often. They are called egg substitutes, but the only thing that's missing is the shell, as far as I'm concerned. They are real eggs after all.


32 ounces of Food Club brand Egg Beaters called 'great egg-spectations', cost $3.99.  16 ounces of Food Club brand will cost $2.99.  Comparatively, a 12-count carton of Food Club eggs will cost you $3.99.


My point is....we might not be there yet, but if prices continue to rise, and egg beater prices continue to remain the same, will you be making the switch to the 99% real egg product substitute?

Prices I found for your egg shopping included the following:

  • $4.39 at Lunds Buyerly's
  • $4.65 at Aldi
  • $5.80 at Walmart
  • $3.99 Coborn's

I noticed something else I'd never seen before. Organic brown eggs are now cheaper most of the time, than white eggs! So if you are looking for the cheapest egg prices, don't overlook the organic eggs!

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