It should go without saying, but there it is.

While we were gawking at cat videos for World Cat Day, we missed a survey showing the vast majority of cat owners polled didn't know that milk is actually bad for cats.

I may sound condescending in my typings, but I honestly didn't know either. Fortunately (?), I'm too poor to afford to feed cats milk.


It doesn't stop there: cheese is also bad for cats. Makes sense, though, right? Cheese is for baiting mice (mice actually prefer peanut butter, but old timey stereotypes die hard!).

Ya know what else is bad for cats? Ignorance. You are not to feed your cats chocolate (?!?!), coffee (like cats need a caffeine buzz...), onions (I've never heard of someone feeding their cats that really a thing?), garlic (same as onions...wth?), raisins/grapes (again: who can afford that?!), cream (I'm guessing dairy in general is frowned upon), raw chicken (yes, they eat uncooked mice, but they also barf them back up)... and alcohol.

What kind of idiot feeds a cat alcohol?

Zara Loves Beer


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