Have you ever wanted to sleep sitting up? I have, but my biggest problem is having to hold my head up with my fist or have it tilt to the side. Well my friend, no longer will that be a problem with the Upright Sleeper!

Yes, I'm being sarcastic because I didn't know this was such a problem in our country. Typically you would just lie down or recline back to take a quick nap, but someone felt that they should invent a contraption to help you sleep while sitting upright.

The Upright Sleeper looks like some sort of head gear that you would find on an accident victim rather than a device to help you catch some z's. For the low price of just $46.99, you can have the Best Invention of the Americas for 2012. I never knew there was such an award either!

It is coming up on holiday time and if you have someone that likes to sleep upright, this could be the perfect gift for them. Personally, I think I will just stick to my trusty couch when I need forty winks!