We can't all be Valentine's Day rock stars and have elaborate gifts planned out in advance. Here are a few last minute ideas you can throw together to show your spouse you didn't forget the Hallmark holiday.

Donut Bouquet 

Take wooden skewers and shove donuts on them from the grocery store or gas station. Whatever is closer. This is last minute. Pinterest inspo here!

Plan Ahead

Forgot a reservation? Valentine's Day celebrations don't have to be tied to February 14th. Say you got something planned for next weekend and do that. It buys you time.


Jar of Hearts

Mason jar, filled with either paper hearts or candy hearts. Or both. Minimal effort for something sorta cute/edible.

Handwritten Notes

No one actually writes letters anymore. It's so easy, and would be really special.

Olive Garden Bread Stick Bouquet

If you print off this wrapping paper and bring it to Olive Garden, they will fill it with bread sticks for you. Print it off at work, have it filled, and hope to God that your Valentine wasn't expecting a full meal at the restaurant.

When In Doubt, Cash It Out

Does she want a manicure? Does he want something for his truck? Cash with a post it note for what it has to be spent on makes a great gift. Everyone loves cash.

If all of your plans fall through, or even if they don't, the best thing you can do is just tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them. And do it every day. Love isn't reserved for just one day in February every year.

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