It's not easy being a kid in Minnesota. The weather is crazy unpredictable, and it can interfere with important things, like Trick or Treating. Halloween is arguably the most important holiday for kids. When else can you go door to door asking for candy?! Here are a few of the problems Minnesota kids face when Halloween rolls around every year.

  • That awesome costume you have been waiting to wear is covered by a snow suit.
  •  It's incredibly hard to hold a trick-or-treat bag while wearing mittens.
  •  It gets dark at 6 PM.
  • You always get told the story of the blizzard of '91.
  • If you lived out of town, your parents had to drive you from door to door, usually only to your relative's houses.
  • Parents skim through your candy to "check for bad things" but they're really just stealing the best pieces for themselves.
  • If Halloween was on a school night, trick-or-treating time was limited and you couldn't have candy before bed.

What is something your remember struggling with every Halloween as a kid? Share it in the comments with us!

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