When Drew was a baby, I never dreamed that he would grow up to be a professional Broadcaster; but he WAS a little showman. He would act out the first 20 minutes of his favorite Disney movies...heaven forbid you interrupt him; He'd have to start ALL OVER.  I'm sure our friends appreciated that. I just remember them staring at him thinking..."Whoa....this kids INTO IT!"


Yes...I still call him Drewster.  Drew is an amazing guitar player, drummer, songwriter, and performer.  So now that I look back, I should have seen it comin'! In case you didn't know, Drew is Drew Darkwell on central Minnesota's 1037 The Loon. He's the afternoon DJ so you can listen to his big deep voice between 2 and 7 pm everyday.

Even better...You can call him up and tell him you heard him when he was 2 -3 years his home studio in West Liberty KY, trying to sing Mavericks tune, "All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down" from 1995.


Apparently we were in recording session for someone, and in between, I brought Drew into the studio so he could sing. His Dad turned on the recorder and pretty soon, the whole band jumped in. I'm so glad that we took that couple minutes to get this on tape. It was quite a flash back, and I'm so glad Paul in our production department here at the radio station, was able to salvage the audio for us.

You can listen by clicking the play button below.

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