I can't imagine breaking any kind of bad news to someone via text message, let alone breaking up with somebody.

Apparently the new trend is breaking up with someone via text message or social media, according to a new study.  The survey covered 3,000 adults in my age group, between 18 and 30.

For me, I'm all about talking to people face to face.  Words aren't the only means of communication.  There's tone, body language and facial expression.  Those things can totally change the meaning of what someone says.

I have a sister who will be 18 next month and for kids her age, I can see where they would end things with a simple text.  That technology has been around for the better part of their lives and they don't know what it was like before it.

How would you end a break up?  The old fashioned face to face conversation?  Or with some form of social media?