Before social media blow up and took over the world, you would have to break off a relationship on your own... or have a friend do it. Having a friend do your dirty work still made this list.

A website called "Female First" came up with the top seven worst ways to be dumped. I never had a break up worth remembering, in other words, we just broke it off... nothing that would make you sit and go, "do you remember how bad that break up was?".

If things didn't work, they didn't work. Just the way it went. If there was a break up to be made, face-to-face was the best option, did I phone one or two in... yes I did. Come on, admit it, you did to... but with technology soaring these days, there are many different ways to break off dead relationships.

Here are the "Top 7-Worst Ways to Break Up"

1. On social media. It's bad to dump someone publicly on their Facebook wall, but even worse to dump them by just changing your relationship status from "In a relationship" to "Single" without a conversation. (this is how I imagine today's youth takes care of business)

2. By email or text. (weak)

3. Ignoring them until the relationship just ends, without any conversation. (this isn't a terrible option... what you're trying to break up with somebody you find to be "crazy"... do you really want to keep talking to them)

4. Having a FRIEND dump them for you. (o.k., this my have happened in sixth grade)

5. Hooking up with one of their friends. (this will cause issues... try to avoid!!!)

6. Standing them up at a family event. (that's just cold)

7. Standing them up on your anniversary. (still cold)