I'm not a public service announcement, but texting and driving obviously is a bad idea... this lady proves that it is a very bad decision to make.

Last week a 25-year-old lady in Maryland was texting while driving and let's face it, while driving you should be focused on DRIVING, but then you throw texting in the mix and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Nobody got hurt so we can make some fun of this lady who was driving and texting then she lost control of her car and went off the road, hit a tree and right into a lake.

The lady was taken to the hospital for a precaution, but is fine... besides needing a prescription to cure her bad decision making.

The car is a total loss, even thought it came to a stop in about five feet of water, it still did enough damage to become scrap metal.

The lady attempting to drive and text could face only a $70 fine if found guilty of texting and driving.

Charles Co. Sheriff's Office
Charles Co. Sheriff's Office