At one point or another, we've all sent a text message to the wrong person but the question is how embarrassing was that text?

I've heard horror stories of parents sending awkward text messages to their kids when it was meant for their significant other.  I've heard of kids thinking they're texting something saucy to their boyfriend or girlfriend and it turns out to be to a parent or worse, a grandparent.

Honestly, I've been pretty lucky in this department.  I'm pretty careful about checking who my texts are being sent to but I have slipped up before.  I sent a text to my ex-boyfriend, or at least that's who I thought was.  For whatever reason his current girlfriend was constantly trying to contact me.  So I drafted up this "nice" message about how it would be in his best interests for both of them to quit contacting me or I would spill a few secrets.

Well, it didn't go to me ex, it went to my boyfriend at the time.  He was all confused and luckily, he was totally understanding about the whole thing.  However, he did want to know the dirt I had because he knew my ex -- so, I told him.  It was juicy...too juicy for me to share!

What's the most embarrassing text you've sent to the wrong person?