Apparently not everyone has a 'Junk Drawer' in the country. The Real Housewives of Oz shared a picture on Facebook of someone claiming that the magic catch-all's are only a Midwestern thing.


Here are a few things you can find in your standard Minnesota Junk Drawer:

1. Batteries - Triple A, Double A, could be new, could be used, I just know there are some batteries in it.

2. Charging Cords - Ghosts of cell phones past. You don't know what each one is for, but you also can't get rid of them because what if you need it? They can just stay in the drawer.

3. Birthday Candles - As if there is another place they should be.

4. Board Game Pieces - Loose cards, dominoes, dice, a monopoly piece, whatever didn't make it back in the box finds a new home in the Junk Drawer.

5. Screwdrivers, a Tape Measure and Pliers - Not always the right kind you need, but in a pinch it gets the job done.

6. Open box of Band-Aids - Sometimes you can't be bothered to pull out the whole first aid kit.

7. Keys - Spare car keys, house keys, keys to neighbors and relatives houses, keys to locks that were replaced over a decade ago. All the keys.

8.  Loose Change - Once a year you clean it out, put it in a mason jar, and cash it in.

9. Fast Food Extras - Hot sauce packets, soy sauce packets, chopsticks. Accompanied by good intentions of using them "eventually".

10. Various Air Freshener - Maybe it's a tree for a car, a candle, or scented wax cubes for a Scentsy type thing, there is something in there giving off a smell.

No matter what is in your Junk Drawer, there is one thing they all have in common, shutting it on the first try is next to impossible.

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