There has been a ton of construction around the St. Cloud area this summer. Here in Minnesota, our hard working road crews seem to hit the pavement as soon as the temperatures and weather conditions allow.

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No matter how frustrating it can be, I just wanted to take the time to thank these people for all that they do. Figuring out how to get us all from point A to point B with the best detour options; hats off to you for making plans to get things done in a timely manner; for running into problems that slow you down, and working through those issues for people that are mean and hateful because their world has been disrupted on their way to work; hats off to you for your tolerance for people; for your tolerance for weather conditions; Here's to how hard you work; standing on your feet all day in conditions that are sometimes nothing to write home about.

Last night, I was driving on Hwy 23 towards Hwy 95, and road crews were hard at work preparing Hwy 23 for the upcoming winter. I was able to drive on some of the new road, and realized...this is SO nice! It will be great to have a nice road to drive on  once all this is done.


This morning I took the bridge over to Sauk Rapids on Benton Drive, and the road construction had wrapped up. The cones and barrels were moved to the side; the road was open, newly paved, and marked. It was awesome.

I know that there is SO much more to getting this job done than any of us can see, and just wanted to say THANK YOU to the people who do the really hard lifting here in Minnesota.


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