Best Christmas Lights Display Ever – Hot on Facebook [PHOTO]
Sick of the Christmas lights arms race? Well, this clever family did something about every house on the block trying to outdo each other with over-the-top light displays with this pithy and highly effective message. Check out a photo, which has been circulating on Facebook, of the best Christmas lig…
Angry Birds Make Appearance in Christmas Lights [VIDEO]
You fall into one of three groups of people when it comes to Angry Birds.
1) You are addicted
2) You got mad and gave up
3) Your idea of an Angry Bird is one that dive bombs your car
If you are in the first two categories you know that this is a sensation that has swept the world and the Angry Birds are…
Recycle Your Holiday Lights
Every year, after we've run out of presents and eggnog and it's time to pack up the decorations, I vow to put away the Christmas tree lights in some way that won't produce a hopeless tangle.
Then, the next November, I take them out of the box and say, "How on Earth did this ho…