You fall into one of three groups of people when it comes to Angry Birds.

1) You are addicted
2) You got mad and gave up
3) Your idea of an Angry Bird is one that dive bombs your car

If you are in the first two categories you know that this is a sensation that has swept the world and the Angry Birds are influencing holiday decorations!

I played the game about 40 times and finally got so angry at the birds that I gave up. My niece plays it all the time and constantly writes on Facebook about how frustrated she is with those birds.

We've seen the live action setups popping up around the world. We've seen the plush toys showing up in every aisle at the store. We've even seen them used as a teaching tool. They have even shown up in food! Now these birds are showing up in Christmas light displays - well, sort of.

The theme song to Angry Birds is used in this production of Christmas lights and I must say, it is impressive. I really wouldn't want to live across the street though. Check out how bright they get!