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Angry Birds Make Appearance in Christmas Lights [VIDEO]
You fall into one of three groups of people when it comes to Angry Birds. 1) You are addicted 2) You got mad and gave up 3) Your idea of an Angry Bird is one that dive bombs your car If you are in the first two categories you know that this is a sensation that has swept the world and the Angry Birds are influencing holiday decorations!
Teacher Uses Angry Birds to Explain Projectile Motion to Students
With over 200 million downloads to mobile devices, Angry Birds is a full-fledged phenomenon. Now an Atlanta teacher has found a way to use it as an educational tool as well. Since the birds are catapulted into the sky, John Burk, a ninth-grade physics teacher, felt it was a great way to teach students the laws of projectile motion.
Ace Of Cakes Has Some Competition
Have you ever watched Ace of Cakes on television? They come up with some pretty cool cakes. However, this cake is the best one EVER! What's better than combining a popular online game with eating cake? By the way, I have tried to play Angry Birds before and it just makes me mad right around Level 3...