Why You Should Get Your Cancer (and Other) Screenings
The fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- and is also the 15th anniversary of me being diagnosed with stage three colon cancer, is reason enough for me to try to talk you into getting your health screenings. Take 90-seconds to watch this. (It could save your life!)
Let's Fight Cancer This 'Novem-Beard' In St. Cloud
Join me on this month-long adventure that asks men in Central Minnesota to stop shaving and let their beards grow the entire month -- creating conversation and awareness among men about cancer. It's simple to get involved and make a local difference.
Thirteen Years Ago My Doctor Told Me I Had Cancer
Thirteen years ago today my doctor told me I had stage-three colorectal cancer. That's not a conversation you plan for. When meeting with the surgeon for the first time he asked me about my medical history, and I told him that it had been pretty boring. He said, &a…

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