My Mole Biopsy Results Show Cancer Cells
About a month ago I went to the doctor to get a few moles removed for cosmetic reasons. My wedding is coming up in November and I thought it was finally the right time to get a few removed from my arms, neck and face.
Thirteen Years Ago Today My Doctor Told Me I Had Cancer
Thirteen years ago today my doctor told me I had stage-three colorectal cancer. That's not a conversation you plan for. When meeting with the surgeon for the first time he asked me about my medical history, and I told him that it had been pretty boring. He said, &a…
Robin Roberts Announces Leave
'Good Morning America's' Robin Roberts announced yesterday (Monday) morning that her last day on the show before her medical leave of absence will be Friday.
Help Scott Eibensteiner’s Family Fight Cancer
It is so difficult to hear about bad things happening to good families. We can only hope for the best and, if we're lucky, do our small part to help. This weekend you have the opportunity to help Scott Eibensteiner and his family beat brain cancer.
Cell Phones May Cause Cancer, Says New Study
It seems every other day there's something that we use every day that will cause cancer. Now they are saying using a cell phone will cause cancer - something my dad said from the very invention of them. Now they are classifying cell phones on the same level as DDT and gasoline engine exhaust. R…

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