Based in Waite Park and founded by Kayla Strand, a graduate of Foley, I'm Not Done Yet (INDY) is a non-profit foundation that provides love, faith and financial support by directly supporting Minnesota's cancer Warriors and their families.

INDY was founded in honor of Kayla's late husband Kyle who courageously fought colon cancer. During his battle, the couple was meeting with a pastor when Kyle said, '“I’m Not Done Yet. God doesn’t want me yet", and the phrase became a staple in their lives. Kyle lost his battle in 2017, but Kayla continues to honor his memory by helping cancer patients through the INDY organization she started.


Every month INDY highlights two Warriors on their website. One Little INDY Warrior, and one INDY Warrior (18+). Through online sales, donations, and in-store retailers, the honoree will receive a portion of all profits during their specified month. INDY also provides the Warrior and their family with official INDY Warrior gear, a check, and they highlight their journey through a video posted on the INDY website. 

INDY is making it easy to help out those battling cancer in our area. Their shop is full of cute clothes, hats, and other accessories that are not only adorable, but help someone out. Check out their shop here! 

I found out about INDY through a family member who was just diagnosed with cancer. She found them online and we all immediately fell in love with the message they send, and products and services they provide to those battling. No one should have to go through this battle, especially not alone, and the INDY tribe is helping with that. I can't thank Kayla and her team enough for what they do for cancer Warriors in Minnesota.

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