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St. Cloud Hospital Announces Top Baby Names in 2017
St. Cloud Hospital is out with its annual list of top baby names. The total number of births at St. Cloud Hospital in 2017 was almost exactly the same as in 2016. There were 2,957 babies born at the hospital last year, one more than the year before.
What Are The Most Popular Baby Names In Minnesota?
The Social Security Administration has released it's annual list of the most popular baby names for last year. You won't find Peter, Ashli or Barry in the Top-100, but Ava is the cool kid on Team 98.1 coming in at #4. Here are the Top-10 boy & girl names given to newborns in Minnesota in 2015.
Most Popular Baby Names of the Year are Out!
For all you parents and parents-to-be out there you know coming up with a name for your child can be difficult. Well, I have something that might help make your decision. Here is the lists for the top baby names from 2011, along with the top trending names from last year according to the Social Security Administration.
Let Your Unborn Baby Pick Their Own Name With A New iPhone App
This morning on Outside the News I mentioned a new iPhone app that lets your unborn baby pick their own name. I thought, “well, isn’t that silly!” but then we started getting calls and emails from people who wanted to know how to get the app. If you think your baby should pick their own name, here are the details.
Top Baby Names Of 2010
The Social Security Administration just came out with the list of the most popular baby names of 2010. A lot of the names come from TV and Movies.