One of my good friends is expecting a baby later this year and of course I'm trying to get her to name it after me if it's a girl!

Nah, just kidding!  However, I am thinking about baby names and I'm all about unique but I think sometimes one can take it a bit too far.

When I was working at my last job I had to do bank runs and when you're there almost everyday you get to know people.  There was a guy there and he and his wife had a baby coming in a few months.  I'm pretty sure they knew it was a boy and the wife had Aspen picked out for a name.  That's cute and unique.

He had different ideas -- his name of choice was Diesel.  I burst out laughing when he told me that.  By no means is that the worst name I've heard but, seriously?  He told me he felt it was very strong and manly.  He also had a favorite truck from when he was a teenager and it just happened to be a diesel.

Boys, I tell ya!

What's the strangest or most unique name you've heard for a baby?

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