CBS's hit island reality/challenge show is hosting a casting call in Minnesota! Saturday October 27th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Rosedale Center you can try out for the show. The contestant search will take place in the mall’s atrium outside of Von Maur. But what are the producers looking for? Here is what the eligibility requirement sheet says about it:


Contestants will be selected based upon having the following traits:

● Strong-willed

● Outgoing

● Adventurous

● Physically and mentally adept

● Adaptable to new environments

● Interesting lifestyles, backgrounds and personalities

Seems easy enough, right? Interested in going to the casting call? Be sure to check out the eligibility requirement list, and bring a signed video release with you to the audition. You can get the links for both forms here. We will all be cheering you on back here in Minnesota, say hi to Jeff Probst for us!

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