I received an email yesterday morning that said, "Your selected charity received $984.94 from Amazon Smile.

Many of our area non profits can benefit from your online purchases through Amazon, when you sign up through Amazon Smile.

Basically, if you have an Amazon account, you can shop  through Amazon.smile, and choose the charity that you'd like to help. A portion of many (but not all)  of your purchases you make online will go to the charity you've selected; So without doing anything extra, you're helping the charity that matters the most to you.

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Once you are signed in to Amazon Smile, you are prompted to choose the charity of your choice. You can choose from a list that is provided to you, or you can type in the name of the charity you want to benefit. Once you have signed up your charity, your Amazon.Smile account will remember it for all future purchases as well. You have to double check and make sure you are going through Amazon Smile, or it won't count. That's happened to me a couple times.

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What better time to help your favorite charity than this coming Monday and Tuesday. Amazon is having their Amazon Prime Days June 21st and 22nd.  They will probably having amazing deals, and if you're shopping anyway, now is a good time to get yourself set up.

Some of the organizations I saw on the charity list include the following, but there are many more:

  • Tri-County Humane Society
  • Catholic Charities
  • Friends of Pine Grove Zoo
  • United Doberman Rescue & Canine Castaways of MN
  • Central Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Central Minnesota Youth For Christ
  • Autism Society of Minnesota
  • Promise Neighborhood of Central Minnesota
  • Connectability of Minnesota, Inc.
  • Big Lake Friends of the Library
  • Big Lake Girls Basketball Boosters
  • What Would Bri Do?


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