If you've wondered about a college town and it's alcohol and drug usage, this report gives it to you straight up. The problems start for 12-17 year old's in the St. Cloud area!

HealthGrove keeps track of area substance abuse statistics for cities/counties in the US, and what they found with St. Cloud area (Benton and Stearns Counties) is alarming to say the least. In the last 5 years, rehab admissions is up a whopping 13.1%. The top 3 substances that attribute to that are: Alcohol (45.3%), Meth (17.6%), and Pot (16.2%).

Being that St. Cloud has such a college student population, the most substance abuse is clearly an issue with 20-25 year old's. After the age of 14, the number of people admitted into rehab triples up to the age of 20, an average of 4% higher than the national average.

Take a look for yourself! It's very clear there's an issue to be dealt with in this area, and it needs to start with our teenage children.