Fraser, a non-profit in Minnesota that provides autism, mental health, and disability services across the life-span of individuals, is hosting a sensory-friendly St. Paul Saints game, which means they are making a few accommodations to make the overall environment a little more relaxed and inclusive for people who might have trouble with sensory processing when it comes to a loud environment, or a possibly overstimulating event.

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Some things that will be happening during the game:

  • There will be a decrease in the overall volume during the game
  • There are two sensory safe suites that will be set up, so people can go there if they feel overstimulated or overwhelmed by the game
  • There will also be some pre-event information will be available with tip sheets on how to navigate the ballpark and what type of accommodations will be available.

According to Fraser, The Saint Paul Saints are already very inclusive and welcoming. Now they are inviting the entire state of Minnesota to come and enjoy the game. Fraser says they have heard from people planning to attend the game, that this will be their first time coming to a ballgame simply because it is sensory friendly, which is giving such an opportunity to people everywhere to enjoy the great game of baseball.

Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash


Sensory Friendly Gameday will be on Sunday, April 23rd, 2023, with the game starting at 2:07 pm. To get something extra special, enter the code SENSORYFRIENDLY when you click HERE to attend the event.  Game time will be 2:07 pm and tickets are $18.00.

St. Paul Saints BallClub
360 Broadway Street
St. Paul MN 55101

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