ST. CLOUD -- With over 300,000 people every year stopping to "smell the roses" the Munsinger Clemen's Gardens are a truly world - famous spot just a few minutes from downtown St. Cloud.

They're also our next stop on our "Hometown Tourist" series.

Nia Primus is the Gardens Supervisor for the City of St. Cloud. She says, Munsinger started out as a federal project in the 30's.

"Back in the 1930's the city acquired the property which was a former sawmill, and as part of the WPA [Works Progress Administration] under Roosevelt... they built this park and named it for Joseph Munsinger, the first "Superintendent of Parks" who had a love affair with flowers."

Clemen's Gardens are on land donated by Bill and Virginia Clemens, who bought the land across from their house and donated it to the city over 20 years ago.


While Munsinger is made up of one garden, Clemens is broken down into:

  • Virginia Clemen's Rose Garden: Named after Virginia Clemens, who passed away after a 40 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis, a bronze memorial statue of her is featured within the gardens.
  • Rest Area Gardens: Featuring one of the tallest outdoor fountains in Minnesota with the Renaissance Fountain.
  • Formal Garden: Designed by staff and laborers in 1986, the "garden that started it all".
  • White Garden: Started in 94, and based off the White Garden at Sissinghurst Castle in England.
  • Perennial Garden: A garden with flowers that can withstand our state's harsh winters.
  • Treillage Garden: Features a custom built arbor treillage that's 104 feet long, with a central dome that's 24 feet tall.

Munsinger - Clemens also features "Music in the Gardens". All concerts are held every other Sunday, and start at 3:00 p.m.

2017 will be season 18 of the series featuring:

  • June 11 - Gypsy Mania Hot Club
  • June 25 - Granite City Brass
  • July 9 - Random Road
  • July 23 - Dennis Warner
  • August 6 - Monday Night Jazz
  • August 20 - Laura Cavianni Trio

The Dennis Warner concert will also feature a "Memorial Release of the Butterflies" event. The Botanical Society will also be selling root beer floats during each concert for $1.

The concerts themselves are free.

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