Layer up, this cold snap is a doozie. This week, it will be colder in the St. Cloud area than it will be at the North Pole in Alaska.

North Pole daytime highs this week:

Tuesday: -19
Wednesday: 0
Thursday: 13
Friday: 10
Saturday: 4
Sunday: 4

St. Cloud daytime highs this week:

Tuesday: 6
Wednesday: 6
Thursday: -3
Friday: -5
Saturday: -2
Sunday: -2

The windchill plays a factor into this as well. Wind speeds aren't expected to get above 5 mph this week, so the temperatures listed should stay pretty true. St. Cloud's wind speeds will be fluctuating around 10 mph so there will be a little more bite to the air. Either way, starting Thursday it is going to be colder than the North Pole in our neck of the woods. We can use that phrase without exaggerating.

When it is this cold out, be aware that frostbite can happen quickly:

Once sub-zero temps hit, it takes about 30 minutes for exposed skin to get frostbite. At 15 below with a little bit of wind, frostbite is possible within 15 minutes.

Be sure you and your family have proper winter gear when you are outside for extended periods of time. There is a wind chill advisory in effect in Central Minnesota through Tuesday at noon. 

Stay warm, and keep reminding yourself that February is the last full month of winter in Minnesota. It will come to an end soon enough, we are tough and can power through it.

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