It's March in Minnesota. That can only mean when the boy's state basketball tournament rolls around we get blasted by another round of snow. Well, that would be correct in a typical winter here in Minnesota, but this winter has been different. We've seen a very mild winter, but will that result in a quiet week of weather for the boy's state basketball tournament? Right now it does look like there is a chance for snow to be falling at the end of next week.

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The National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center puts out a week-long forecast each day, and today's week-long forecast shows the chances for some snow at the end of the week next week, right when the state boys basketball tournament is scheduled to start.

Image Credit: NOAA.Gov
Image Credit: NOAA.Gov

Now this model means nothing. It's just a prediction of what could happen with the weather.

The prediction center has a wide portion of the US over the next 8-14 days with a slight chance for heavy snow to fall, and that prediction also falls over the next weekend.

Image Credit: National Weather Service
Image Credit: National Weather Service

If you are planning to attend the boy's state tournament at the Target Center, you might want to keep an eye on the forecast as things will change, but even just a dusting of snow can create chaos on metro area roads.

Another great idea if you are ever concerned about road conditions anywhere in the state you can pull up a map by using

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