I never miss out on trying a drink that may or may not taste terrible. Starbucks launched their Halloween holiday drink on Oct. 25th. It is a Witch's Brew Frappuccino, a orange cream frap, dyed purple, with swirls of "bat warts" (chia seeds) and a green whipped topping.


Starbucks holiday Frappuccinos are usually hit or miss. The sugar bombs of crazy flavor either leave you wanting more, or a redo on the whole order. Last year they had a Zombie Frappucino that was a caramel apple red mocha monster. It wasn't great. This year they kept it a little more tame. The orange flavor was pleasant, and matched well with the creamy notes from the whipped topping. The chia seeds added a creepy texture component for Halloween while keeping out an unwanted off-the-wall flavor. Well done Starbucks! I'd consider this year's Halloween drink a win!

They are being served for a limited time, so get yours while you can!

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