I had no idea that August was National Romantic Awareness Month. Did you? There's certainly no romance in the air for me right now; but apparently; if I wanted it, I'm in the right place!

Out of ALL the cities studied in the US, EliteSingles study showed that St. Cloud Minnesota made the list of the top 25 romantic cities across the country. Not only did we make the list, we came in at number 4, only behind  Boynton Beach, FL at number 1,​Myrtle Beach, SC, at number 2, and  Cypress, CA at number 3.


How did St. Cloud make the top of the list? Most of the other cities were in sunny states, and states that were close to the ocean.

Well, I'm guessing we have a pretty neat place here. We have The Quarries, we have restaurants, we have a fantastic downtown...and let us not forget...The Mighty Mississippi River.  Ahhhh..That must be it.

150,000 singles were asked all over the country if they agreed with the statement: " I bring romance to my relationships."  Geographically, apparently men and women in our area feel that they DO!

Men were actually more 'romantic' than women in the study...which is not surprising. We do ask them for a lot...flowers...dinner...dancing....you name it. They are apparently on their toes here in St. Cloud.

So if you're looking for love...you're in the right place!

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