We were always told NOT to eat the yellow snow, but now it's highly encouraged!

Central Minnesota Kwik Trip locations are now stocking "Yellow Snow" F'real shake options. Dubbed as "Yeti-made greatness" they are a lemon sherbet shake that is refreshing and VERY lemony.


When I saw them last night I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it. Plus the label is very taunting and reads,

We know you're curious to try this refreshing and zestful lemony blend. Just do it!

How do I say no to that? It really was refreshing. I love all things lemon flavored and this drink did not disappoint in that category. Comparable to a frozen lemonade, this drink screamed "summer" but the creative packaging made it feel like a winter treat. WARNING: Don't drink it too fast. Not only will you get a brain freeze but it will start to taste like lemon Pledge. Savor it and you'll be fine.

Overall, I would eat Yellow Snow again. It's limited edition so get your hands on one before they melt away forever!

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