May 25th is National Wine Day, and I found the perfect wine just in time to celebrate. Over the weekend I was shopping at Coborn's Liquor in Sartell and a bright pink can caught my eye. Upon further inspection, I was even more inclined to try it when I saw it was created by the band Little Big Town.

Branded as "Day Drinking", the wine is named after the band's 2014 summer hit.

Crafted by the Grammy-winning country music band, Little Big Town, Day Drinking can wine spritzers offer a convenient and delicious way to enjoy wine anywhere and anytime.

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I picked up the Watermelon Rose and Southern Peach flavors to try out myself. Usually, I'm not a fan of either of those flavors, I find the artificial version of both watermelon and peach to just be too fake so I wasn't expecting a lot from these $3.99 canned beverages. I couldn't have been more surprised when I tried them.

I had the watermelon rose first, and I was instantly impressed with how refreshing it was. It didn't have that overbearing artificial taste that watermelon things tend to have, and it was great ice cold on a hot day. I had a few of my family members try it too for a few more opinions and they all thought it was great. One even asked if I had brought more cans with me.

The peach flavor was equally as surprising. For myself, peach-flavored things are either good or bad, there is no middle ground. Luckily this one fell into the "good" category. It was sweet but not overpoweringly so.

Overall I would definitely buy these canned wines again. I'm more inclined to grab a can of the watermelon flavor over the peach, but that is just personal taste. Now I'm on the lookout for Little Big Town's canned Pontoon Punch. Let me know if you find it around the area!

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