To put it in simple terms, I love them. But it's deeper than that. When I first got my hands on this crispy corn shells of wonder, my life was changed forever.

April of 2022 was when I first found them at my local Kwik Trip, and it was so momentous that I even went so far as to tweet about it:

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They're a rather simple dish, but I think that is what makes them beautiful. Just shredded beef and green chiles in a corn shell. Crispy, warm, flavor bombs that leave a little bit of grease on your fingers. They don't need thrills and weird ingredients to impress, they are perfect the way they are.

They hung around for a little while in April, then suddenly they vanished. I thought for sure that Kwik Trip had taken them from me forever. Then in August came the best news ever via the official Kwik Trip Twitter:


It has been over a month of always checking the hot spot when I stop into a Kwik Trip, and on October 20th I finally spotted them again. Reunited and it feels so good.

Please never leave me again mini tacos. I need you.

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