Just in time for summer, Hard Mountain Dew has made its way to liquor store shelves in central Minnesota. Last week my husband asked me if I needed anything from the liquor store, I said no, but he said he was going anyway because he heard the new Hard Mountain Dew was finally available.

Full disclosure, I was never a Mountain Dew kid. I was actually never really a pop kid at all. I would indulge in a Mountain Dew when I would hang out with my grandpa in his garage because that's what he kept stocked for the grandkids, but I never went out of my way to buy a case of it.

On the other hand, my husband and his best friends were Mountain Dew fiends. They were always searching out the new flavors to try, and always had a 12-pack on hand. So he has been pretty excited for this new product to come to our area.

When he brought home the variety pack of drinks I was skeptical but willing to at least try it to see what the hype was all about.

The variety pack contains four flavors, original, Baja Blast, watermelon and black cherry.

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My first taste was of the original, and surprisingly it just tastes like diet Mountain Dew. They brewery nailed the flavor spot on. The wildest part is that you can't taste any alcohol at all, which is kinda dangerous if you ask me.

I tried a sip of the Baja Blast flavor next. As a huge Taco Bell fan, I did have pretty high expectations for that one, and again, the flavor was spot on and you couldn't detect any alcohol.

My third try was the watermelon flavor. I was leery of this one, expecting the artificial watermelon taste to be way too overpowering. It does have a strong artificial watermelon taste, but not so strong that it is undrinkable. This flavor I had a full can of, and because it was so sweet, it was a one-and-done situation. But it was pretty good.

The last flavor was the black cherry. My gut reaction was that this would taste like cough syrup. My husband pointed out that it was probably supposed to mimic the Code Red flavor. That set me at ease, until I tried it and realized that it did in fact taste like cough syrup to me. There's always one flavor in a variety pack that just doesn't do it for me, and this time it was the black cherry.

Overall, I was VERY impressed with the new Hard Mountain Dew drinks. For having zero sugar in them, they were all really sweet tasting like a normal Mountain Dew should be. Have you tried these yourself? Share your feedback with me on our app!

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