I love shrimp for two reasons. The first is simply because it tastes so good. The second is because you can eat a lot of it and it's pretty low calorie and high protein. Usually, I make shrimp at home with a little butter and garlic salt; However, I discovered this seasoning on some cooking show on Netflix (I can't remember which one). I looked for it for three months in our local stores, and couldn't find it. My guess is everyone started asking for it because you can now find it just about everywhere. I add it to a lot of my dishes, but this one was super simple and turned out delish!

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Slap Ya Mama Store/Amazon
Slap Ya Mama Store/Amazon


What's so special about this seasoning? To tell you the truth, I'm not sure! You would think that we could just mix these flavors together yourself, but this mixture is just so tasty, and easy to use, that it's worth buying. I put it on just about every meat that I fix, from steak to fish, to shrimp. You should try it!


Follow the directions and prepare Chicken flavored Rice-a-Roni as directed.  If you have an air fryer, spray the tray with Pam, and place 20 shrimp on the pan. Spray the shrimp with Pam, and then sprinkle the shrimp with Slap Ya Mama cajun seasoning. Bake the shrimp in your air fryer for the designated time. (My air fryer usually takes about 6 minutes).

Once your rice is light and fluffy, put the shrimp on top of it and serve. That's it! Super duper simple and oh so delicious.


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