Why do we hang onto everything? Especially when we're speaking of our bathroom. I can open the cupboard below my sink and find half empty shampoo and conditioner bottles that I always forget I have. Heavens...I'm not throwing it away! Someday I'll remember they are there before I buy new shampoo and conditioner.


But really...there are some things in our bathroom that need to go. let go. Throw it out. How long do you keep your old contact lens cases? Have you opened them up and found half dried contact lenses inside and though....hmmm...A little solution will soften these babies right up.  Cosmetics as well. Come on ladies..I know that stuff is expensive, but if you had a reaction to it a year ago, you'll still have a reaction to it two years from now. If your cosmetics have changed color, consistency, or have an 'odor' it's time to let them go.

Acne products. We pretty much go through them. Every now and them you'll find a half empty bottle that you hand over to your teens. DON'T. Benzoyl peroxide decays quickly. You're not doing anyone any favors. They only last about 4-6 months.

Rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide that's over a year old? You can use it..but you might as well throw it away. It loses it's effectiveness. It might work as a placebo though. So hang on to it if you want.

Most expired medications don't expire for 15 years. HOWEVER...Doctors say dispose of them if it's past the prescribed time. Prescriptions that you should definitely NOT use past the expiration date include insulin, liquid, antibiotics, and some heart medications or other medications that include nitroglycerin.

Now...go home and throw that stuff out.

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