Groceries seem to be incredibly expensive these days. Is it because they need to be, or because retailers know we will pay the price? Does it depend on the item? Of course, we are going to buy what we need, but how many of you are having a tough time trying to feed your crew? Are you cutting back on certain things? Are you buying more of the essentials, or are you making treats for the kids instead of buying premade treats?

We asked YOU what you spend on groceries. If you want to find out if you're in the ballpark with the rest of us, here are the comments we received yesterday.


Kelly - $150 a week approximately, but that doesn't count the pet foods and supplies like litter which I also get at the grocery store. Those weeks it's more like $240.

Katie - Too damn much. Vote in someone who is not senile.

Penny - Way too much thanks to Biden.

Jacob - We raise our own meat and can our own veggies, so about $500 a month on alcohol. LOL!

Marci - Jaco, maybe you should make that yourself as well! LOL!

Jacob - Marci, I'm working on it. LOL

What types of foods should I buy?
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Dale Rueckert - Jacob, I know where I'm headed. LOL

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Kasaundra - About 2000 a month for a family of 5.

Andy - About 150-200 per week. Family of 3.

Amber - Same. We raise our own beef.

Anthea - TOO DAMN MUCH!!!! Family of 4!

Jacci - Too much. It's ridiculous.

Jason - Oh boy...$450 every 3 weeks, a family of 8.

Ashley - Stopped buying food. (Laughing but NOT laughing)

Dezarae - 400/600 a month. Family of 4. Two adults, and two kids. Both kids and 1 adult take lunch from home as well.

Samantha - About $2000 a month! Family of 7.

Janet - Way too much! I cannot believe how expensive everything is at the grocery store.

Tera - Like 600-700 a month, a family of 5.

Debby - About 100 for 2 adults.

Mandy - Family of 4, $500 a month.

Amber - About $1500 a month for 7 people, 2 adults and 5 kiddos.

Ashley - About $800 a month for a family of 4.

Ashley - About $800 a month for a family of 4.

Carole - Last time $135 at Walmart for 1.

Marci - $75 a week for just me.

Nancy - $400-600 a month.

Jason - $1,000 family of 4.

Maja - A week or a month?

Josh - $400 a month.

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