Are you looking for your new forever friend? Tri-County Humane Society is looking for the perfect parents for these two amazing pets. They each have a unique story to tell, and they are available for adoption at the Tri-County Humane Society.

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Adopt A Dog & Canva







Riley is a sweet girl. She is a 1-year-old spayed mixed breed puppy that came to the shelter with a dog friend named Mel. Mel and Riley were found outside. The volunteers who walk the dogs at TCHS say that Riley is a good girl on her walks, and she is especially good for you if you bring along her favorite Lean Treats. She is always at the front of her kennel greeting all of the visitors to TCHS with a great big Woof! This kind girl will make someone a very loyal friend. Is it you?

Riley's a pup, so remember; she still has some growing to do. She will probably be 44 pounds or more as she is a mixed breed. Since she was found outside, so it's hard to know if she has been potty trained, but being treat motivated, my guess is the right person will be able to gently train her to be the best dog anyone could ever ask for.

Adopt A Dog & Canva
Adopt A Dog & Canva



If you are a cat person, you might want to Meet Jupiter! She came in to the shelter because she was abandoned by her owner. She was previously adopted and returned due to not being a good fit in the home. She came in with two other cats but does not seem to care for them and may do best as an only cat. She has met young children, and for some reason, perhaps someone played a little too rough with her, or maybe she doesn't like the shrill of excited children, but she tends to be stressed out by their energy.

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Jupiter may prefer a home with older children or no kids. It's unknown if she has met dogs previously, so it may take a slow and proper introduction if you have some.

Jupiter is 9 years old, and was described as independent and will come to you for attention and pets. Since she was abandoned, not much is known about her background. She appears to have an independent personality and likes to come to you when she's ready for attention. Access to scratching posts and cat towers are recommended. A variety of different toys would be great to keep her engaged and active.


Deposits may be placed on Jupiter, and Riley or any of the other adoptable animals at TCHS, by calling 320-252-0896.

You can also visit the website,, to view all of the wonderful animals that are currently up for adoption, and read about their personalities to find the one that will be the perfect fit for your family.

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