Seth Rogen is known for his crude humor in many comedy movies he's done, but he is also trying to urge congress to put more money, time and effort into educating the youth on what Alzheimer's Disease is.

Rogen admits in the speech he knew very little about the disease until his wife's mother was affected very hard by the disease. Now, the funny man is trying to get the attention of the congress to take more action. His speech is very well written and informative, but Rogen does what he does best, and makes very funny too.

I admit I know very little about Alzheimer's, but have seen the affect it takes not only on the person diagnosed with the disease, but their family as well. Brittany's grandpa had the disease and we have been involved in some fund raising events and walk for a cure events as well, trying to help raise money to get the research funding it needs. With celebrity power and Rogen's speech all over the internet, it may just bring a little more awareness to everybody.

Watch Rogen's speech below. It's worth the six and a half minutes.

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