Alzheimer's touches all our lives.  Consider yourself lucky if you don't know anyone who has dealt with it.  I am thankful that no one in my immediate family has been diagnosed or affected by Alzheimer's but I do know people whose parents and grandparents have.  It's devastating and heartbreaking, even more so because there isn't much that can be done to stop it.

One of the hardest things for an Alzheimer's patient's loved ones is the fact, that try as they might, they just cannot remember.  The good news is there has been progress and music has been found to help in connecting people and memories.

Kenny Chesney has teamed up with Music and Memory to help people suffering from Alzheimer's to get portable music players.  The goal is to bring memories to the surface and make life better for the patient.

Kenny took part in a PSA for the non-profit organization and urges viewers to help by donating money or portable music players.  Here's the cool part, once a patient has the music player, the family gets involved by putting their favorite tunes on it.

There is so much good in this.  The family can get involved and help their loved one, there is the possibility the patient can start to recall things and once again, interact with family and friends.

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