Taking your driver's exam. I've lived through my own, two of my children, and now I'm trying to get the third child's test scheduled. For three weeks I've been trying to schedule my sons test through dps.mn.gov.  The site is really nice! You can access all kinds of valuable information. BUT! When it  comes to actually being able to schedule a road test...I'm not so sure.


I've never had this problem. EVER. It feels like the office is trying to avoid having to deal with people. I've tried for 3 weeks to schedule my son a behind the wheel test.. and for every single location in our area, I get this message: THE LOCATION YOU SELECTED HAS NO AVAILABLE APPOINTMENTS.

I get it.  Come back tomorrow. The next day. But! For three weeks? I tried to call them to see if something was wrong with the system. I called them. What happened? I was redirected to the website. I never spoke to an individual.  It's a vicious circle.


Perhaps it is that everyone in central Minnesota is trying to get their license before winter. Regardless...I've NEVER had this happen before.  If that's the case, I would like them to reasssure us. Put a message up.  "NOTE: Please be patient. We are having higher than normal online requests and we are doing everything we can to get everyone in for their test."   That would be helpful. Right now, it just appears that they need a break and aren't testing anyone.  All I can say is; some sort of message would be helpful.

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