So here is my recent update. After four weeks of checking the dps.mn.gov site to schedule my youngest son for his behind the wheel driver's test, I finally had luck this morning. The first available date?  December 6th!  So if you are planning on scheduling a driver's test, good luck trying to get it done before winter. I figure this will give my son plenty of time to be prepared for his test...brush up on road signs and his skills. But think about it. That's 2 months out.  Regarding the website, you can access all kinds of valuable information. BUT! When it  comes to actually being able to schedule a road test..I can't believe how far out you have to wait.


Perhaps it is that everyone in central Minnesota is trying to get their license before winter. Regardless...I've NEVER had this happen before. I'm going to use this as a life lesson to not RUSH...It might be a good thing right? Maybe my son will be extra attentive over the next couple months knowing that the date is pending...and that he might not want to wait another 3 months if he fails?  Perhaps. Never the less, I still think there should be a notice or something on the site that let's you know that you need to be patient.   Put a message up.  "NOTE: Please be patient. We are having higher than normal online requests and we are doing everything we can to get everyone in for their test."


Once Mason gets his license, will I worry about how long it took to schedule his exam? Probably not. Third world problems...right?

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