My little sister is taking her driving test today and I'm not confident that she'll pass. I think she's a decent enough driver, but she's terrible at parking.

Last night my brother and I took my sister Sam out driving in preparation for her big day today. She knew where the hazards, emergency break, defrosters and everything else was in the car. She did a great job following all of the rules of the road too. I was actually impressed--until it came time to park.

We didn't have any cones so my brother got out of the car and acted as our human cone so she could parallel park and corner back (don't try this at home kids). Let's just say things didn't go so well. It's not that she eventually figure it out--it's that the DMV only gives you a set number of moves you can do before you automatically fail. She couldn't pull off the perfect park in three moves and she had a million excuses for why she was having trouble. We kept telling her that her excuses wouldn't help her pass today's test.

But, her difficulty parking got me to thinking about whether or not I could parallel park or corner back. I realized that I don't think I could pull it off if I was put to the test. How often do we realistically have to pull off these parking maneuvers? And there's definitely zero chance that I could pull off the perfect park in three moves. Do you think you this portion of the test should be as important as others?

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