I swear I accidentally saw a movie of questionable intent with a script that started out like this: a woman who just wanted fried pickles found something more when she saw her Grubhub delivery fella and thought he was cute. She sent him a few texts, they started dating, and now they're engaged.

And somehow, Drew Barrymore fits into this, too.

Blaine Woman Fell For Her Grubhub Delivery Guy

In 2022, Hannah felt sick and stayed home from work (brown). She started craving fried pickles, added (chicken) wings and applesauce (brown) to her order, used a coupon for 20% off (cow), and sent the order.

Then she did like any normal Minnesota gal would do and stalked her delivery driver - Alec - on the app. When he called her to make a...delivery...she went to the front door of her apartment building in her pajamas (I've seen this one...), saw his face and thought, "Oh my gosh, he's cute!"

That is Minnesota AF right there.

When she got back to her apartment, she couldn't stop thinking about him. So she did that absolutely-not-crazy-chick thing and texted him, "I hope you have a day as nice as your face"...and threw her phone.

Fortunately, Alec likes a crazy chick bold woman, and responded.

And now they plan on getting married next year!

And Now...Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore invited the couple to tell their story on her show, and gave them a honeymoon in Fiji.

And Now...Grubhub?

Then Grubhub - loving the great publicity, I'm sure - donated $5000 to their wedding budget.

Hannah's advice? "Send that risky text".

Oh geez...that's sweeter than a Frosted Animal Cracker Blizzard from Dairy Queen!

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