According to Coupon Lawn, the most-Googled Valentine's Day gift idea in Minnesota is chocolate.

My wife Katie and I started our Valentine's Days together with a bit of a rough streak. Our first Valentine's Day together was in 2016. We were engaged, and I had ordered a bouquet of flowers online that was supposed to be delivered to her at the school she worked at. Valentine's Day that year was on a Sunday, so I arranged for the flowers to be delivered on Friday. Meticulously tracking the delivery online, however, I discovered with dismay that the order (coming from out-of-state) had been delayed and wasn't going to arrive before Katie left work.

Desperate not to screw up our first Valentine's Day together, I found a local florist and paid an outrageous price for all she had left -- a dozen of her most expensive roses. While Katie ended up getting two bouquets that year (the school's receptionist found the delayed bouquet waiting at the front door early Monday morning), it wasn't an ideal start. The next year, I made a reservation weeks in advance for Katie's favorite Minneapolis restaurant. Come Valentine's Day, however, Katie had come down with an awful cold, and we ended up eating at Chick-Fil-A instead (not the worst turn of events, really). Needless to say, our first couple Valentine's Days together didn't set a very high bar.

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Coupon and discount code website Coupon Lawn recently analyzed Google trends over the past 16 years to find each state's most-Googled Valentine's Day gift idea. The top results were pretty predictable: chocolate or chocolate-covered items were the most-popular search results in 9 states; flowers were the most popular in 7 states and puppies were most popular in 6 states. Some of the more interesting results included naming a star (AL), couple tattoos (AR), tandem bicycle (IA), dreamcatcher (VT) and sex toys (WY).

As for Minnesota, we were pretty boring with chocolate being the most-Googled Valentine's Day gift idea. While delicious, chocolate is safe and unoriginal. Then again, at least we're not quite as boring as North Dakota where the most-Googled search result was picture frame.

Coupon Lawn
Coupon Lawn

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