The number one New Year's Resolution is dieting.  After the Holidays most of of need a little motivation to get going.  Junk Food is hard to resist, you know it’s not good for you, but here are a few reasons it’s even worse than you thought.  Read the full article HERE.

-Early Aging. Sugars, trans fats and starches can cause insulin to surge and trigger an inflammatory response, the end product of which is called glycation. This speeds the aging process and makes you more prone to sun damage.

-Moody moods. Foods alone don’t actually cause PMS, but some can make it worse. Sugar and starches can cause insulin to spike and then drop, which affects brain chemicals and mood swings. Sweet coffee drinks are one of the worst things you can indulge in when your hormones are raging.

-Asprin Dependency. Tyramine, a chemical formed in the breakdown of a certain protein in food colorants, dyes, and nitrates (found in processed meats) is a known headache inducer; experts believe it increases blood flow to the brain, causing changes that result in pain.

-Tigher Pants! The purpose of sodium is to regulate the amount of blood in your vessels, but it also attracts water. High concentrations of sodium pull water from your cells, causing your body to hang on to extra fluid to compensate. If you’re a fan of diet soda, which many body-conscious girls are, it can make matters even worse: The combination of bubbles and artificial sweeteners is bloat central.