It's something we all take for granted. A hot shower when we need one, but it is something that is never certain for the homeless population of St. Cloud and beyond.

Nancy Dyson and Jason Jaques of Sauk Rapids are working to help the homeless in the St. Cloud area. The idea came from running into a homeless friend in a Walmart parking lot a year and a half ago. They went to hug their friend and that poor person wouldn't even let them do so because they couldn't remember the last time they had a shower.


Jaques was actually homeless himself off and on for three years and knows the struggles that people go through. The couple has bought a small passenger van and are in the process of outfitting it with a shower stall, toilet, and water lines. The plan is to take it to homeless hot spots around St. Cloud and give people who live on the streets a chance to clean up and wash their troubles away.

The goal is to have the Shower the People mobile shower in operation this week. For the full story and video on this Sauk Rapids couple giving back in a unique way, visit Fox 9's website. 

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