I can't be trusted to be traveling back roads alone right now, because I WILL be stopping at every pumpkin wagon I see. I just can't resist stopping at these trailers set up on the side of the road, and this time of year they're everywhere.

I love to decorate my front porch with as many pumpkins as I can. I stack them all around, and once Halloween approaches I'll carve them up.

About five years ago, I learned that going to a store and buying pumpkins got really expensive really fast. It was a year where I was decorating and carving last minute, and I ended up paying way too much for a pumpkin sitting outside a store. From that year on, I learned my lesson when it comes to pumpkin shopping.

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Since then I have always stopped at the first roadside pumpkin wagon I see in the fall, and I usually stop at every single other one I pass after that. Each one has different options, and the price points are usually much cheaper than at a store.

At the cart in the picture above, I came home with $10 worth of pumpkins and my porch has never looked better. Over the weekend, I passed another one in the Rice area and had to do a u-turn to go back and stock up on some more. The one in rice also had gourds which I was in need of for some interior decorating projects. I bought $15 worth of gourds off the side of the road and regret nothing.

Long story short, if you pass a pumpkin wagon on the side of the road, stop and pick some up. You'll save yourself some money, and the money you do spend will support a local grower. It's a win-win!

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