More than two decades ago, two musical legends joined forces when Garth Brooks and iconic rokcers Kiss shared a stage. The performance was a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration that is not likely to be repeated. But with Brooks, you never say never ...

Brooks actually sang a Kiss song, one he recorded with the band for the Kiss My Ass: Classic Kiss Regrooved album, released in 1994. The song was "Hard Luck Woman" and their version was a splendid mix of the two genres. They performed it live together on the Tonight Show on July 13, 1994, to promote the project.

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Kiss were in their non-makeup era at the time, so fans got to see Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and company without their signature look. Brooks kept his signature cowboy hat and tidy button-up for his stage wear — something that hasn't changed much in the years since.

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Brooks is well-versed in classic rock, often talking about his love and appreciation for men like James Taylor and Bob Seger. In fact, he cried like a baby the first time he met Taylor, but says the icon was very gracious.

Kiss have not done a lot in the country music world in the years since. While other rock acts have paired with country artists for television — or even dedicated full albums to fans in country music — the hard rockers have lived squarely within the walls of their genre. But it wasn't that much of a stretch to turn "Hard Luck Woman" into a country song — Paul Stanley wrote it for original Kiss drummer Peter Criss to sing, and he deliberately pulled from elements of Rod Stewart's country-influenced era so that Criss' gruff voice would suit the track.

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