Seriously. Is there any other band from Canada - the Nation of Nice - that gets more hate while still selling out arenas than Nickelback?

They're an easy target, frontman Chad Kroeger relishes the hate, and the band can laugh all the way to the bank. And now, the haters can get hater-er: a rockumentary of the band is set to premiere on the Veeps streaming service on April 12th.

Veeps to Premiere "Hate to Love: Nickelback"

The rockumentary will be a feature-length, in-depth "real story" of Nickelback's journey from their humble Alberta beginnings to selling out arenas worldwide...will still being one of the most-hated bands of all time.

The band doesn't shy away from the vitriol; in fact, they talk about the personal impact of the hate.

The rockumentary isn't focused on the negativity: it'll also touch on the band being inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2023, being named the "most successful rock band of the decade" by Billboard in 2009, and having the distinction of being the second best-selling foreign act in the United States...trailing only The Beatles.

Nickelback Both Deserves and Doesn't Deserve the Hate

I've seen Nickelback live twice. Once was front-and-center during their tour supporting the commercial breakthrough 'Silver Side Up' featuring the global smash "How You Remind Me". To this day, it remains one of the most-engaging concerts I've ever been to.

They're a fantastic live band that now writes sappy, poppy radio that they can continue to tour. Their album tracks continue to be heavy, hook-laden rockers. Kroeger's voice is best consumed in doses, but the band kicks ass and I won't pretend that they don't.

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