We are just one month away from Kenny Chesney coming back to U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis!

Kenny Chesney always brings a talented group of artists with him when he throws a party, and this years stop will be no exception.

Kenny will be performing at U.S.Bank Stadium on May 4th, 2024, with the show starting at 5 pm.

Getty Images/Hubert Vestil / Stringer
Getty Images/Hubert Vestil / Stringer



The amazing line up of artists is once again out of this world. Joining Kenny will be The Zac Brown Band, country music newcomer Megan Moroney, and the one and only Uncle Kracker.

'The Sun Goes Down Tour' is making 18 mega stadium stops and apparently, Kenny has a few surprises up his sleeve! That could mean more stops, or maybe even more special guests?

When you go to a Kenny concert, you sing along with every song! Songs like 'American Kids, "Get Along," "Beer in Mexico," and so many more.

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Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)
Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)



The event is being sponsored by Blue Chair Rum, which, by the way; is solely owned by Kenny Chesney. Kenny's got lots of different flavors to choose from, and I think that I could find a few favorites!

The name Blue Chair Bay comes from a fictional location that is featured in one of Kenny's songs called, "Old Blue Chair." If you happen to purchase a bottle of Kenny's Rum, you'll even see some of the lyrics of that song on the front of the bottle. We all know how much Kenny loves hanging out on sandy beaches, surrounded by beautiful water.

Back to the concert. The question is, can you still get tickets? The answer is YES! Get your tickets while they are still available by clicking HERE now.

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